How to Use the Maps Contained on this Site

The maps on this site were originally produced by DNRE in New Brunswick, in the seventies and eighties. They are no longer in print and not available from them anymore and so are very hard to find. These maps were collected one by one from individual anglers as I met them either out fishing or online. The Thick Black Line along the shoreline indicates Crown Open Water, unless it is marked as leased or crown reserve. These maps being in the vicinity of 15-30 years old, are I believe to be mostly still accurate, but are to be used only as a general guide. Of course common sense applies it is possible that some stretches that are marked as Crown Open could have been leased or the status changed in the years since these maps were printed. Another note of caution just because a stretch of water may be marked as crown open the land adjacent to it may still be private property and the landowner has it with in his rights to prevent entry from that direction. Although I still believe a quick phone call would secure passage across most people’s ground. But if it doesn’t there are plenty of other places to go just download another map and select another spot to go. I never realized how much free and wide open water there was on the provinces salmon rivers until I started collecting these maps. Only on the Restigouche system is 95% of the water off limits. I hope you find some new stretches of river to fish and put these maps to good use.

Good Luck
W.H. Gass